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A Mirror Frame Kit can transform your Bathroom


Are you looking for a way to transform your bathroom without a lot of expense of effort? Mirror frames from Mirrorframe.com will allow you to do just that. These custom made mirror frames create a brand new look for your mirror.

Our mirror frames are custom sized and precision made to fit over your existing, unframed flat mirror and will totally alter your space, making it a color coordinated focal point. All of this is done without having to remove the mirror from the wall! Whether you have a frameless bathroom, bedroom or hallway mirror, we can make a mirror frame to cover them. Our frame style selections are available in widths from 2 to 4 inches wide from simple clean line to embossed and ornate patterns. You choose your preference of our paints or stain finish on most, which will include our 24/7 anti-microbial Microban® Performance Finish for your protection and the longevity of the frame. 

Options for our frames include mirror frame divider trim, frame cornice caps, mirror frames with convenient bottom shelves, and optional side shelves to help unclutter your vanity. Most of our frames are offered in three different stain colors, ranging from honey to Tuscan, to Merlot. They are also offered painted in black, white and metallic silver or gold.  Some intricately carved frame patterns come as shown in the photography.

Mirror Frames from MirrorFrame.com are the perfect way to add some eye appeal to your otherwise plain mirror. These are easily attached to your mirror, and are custom made when you order. Submit a Mirror Frame Worksheet to get a no obligation quote or submit a form along with your order! When you order a mirror frame, we guarantee it will fit! If you are not sure of the style that would suit your bathroom best, we invite you to visit our website and see our gallery. Contact us today to get your mirror frames ordered.

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