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Bathroom Mirror Frames Weekend Project


Mirror Frames - A painless bathroom remodeling projectBathroom Mirror Frame Remodel

Are you looking for a weekend remodeling project? How about your guest bath? These are usually smaller spaces that do not require a lot of work to transform them. By choosing a mirror frame from (mirrorframes.com) you make this project an even simpler task. Here are some ideas to show just how quickly this project can be accomplished. You will have this project complete and your guest bath ready for the holidays!

Start with paint. The sky is the limit when it comes to paint colors. If you choose a color a bit darker than your existing color, you shouldn’t have to prime the walls. Two well covered coats of paint should do the trick. Shades of blues, yellows, and greys are all perfect choices for your guest bath.

After you choose a paint color, look at your mirror. If it is still in good shape, select a mirror frame to make this part of your project a simple one. Each of our mirror frames are custom cut to fit your existing flat mirror and then easily attached. If you paint your wall a blue shade, consider our merlot stain finish. If you choose to go with a yellow shade, our white painted mirror frame will lighten up the room even more. If you choose a shade of grey, then our black painted mirror frames will complement it well. You will be amazed how this simple application will transform your bathroom.

The last part of your simple remodel project is hardware and accessories. By replacing the knobs and towel holders you are able to add an amazing change to the room. Add a fun picture, hand towels, candles, and a special knick knack and your transformation is complete.

If you are in the market for a bathroom remodel, choose mirror frames from (mirrorframe.com). Our selection and prices will allow you to give your room the much needed face-lift. Contact us today to get yours ordered.

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