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Sizing a Mirror Frame

Now that you have seen our Gallery of Mirror Frame Images and decided to update your bathroom, you may need help determining the size of your mirror frame.  You have come to the right place!

First, we'd like you to know that our frames are designed to be used with unframed, flat mirrors that are attached directly to a wall with either adhesive or low profile mirror clips or channels. Our Mirror Frames are shipped unassembled and fit together easily with corner dovetail keys. After the frame is assembled, then it will attach directly on top of your mirror with industrial strength double-sided tape. 

The following Mirror Frame sizing guidelines will work for at least 95% or more of mirrors and vanities!

     Step 1 Determine the Mirror Frame Overall Width dimension, select the appropriate situation:

  1. For mirrors that are installed with little to no clearance to an adjacent wall, you need to size the outside mirror frame width about 3/8" less than the width of the mirror alcove to allow for any unevenly built walls.
  2. For mirrors installed with up to 3/8" clearance to an adjacent wall, you need to size the mirror frame just approximately 1/4" wider than the mirror, to allow for any unevenly built adjacent walls. 
  3. For mirror frames that have 3/4" or more clearance to the side of the mirror, use a frame outside width dimension equal to the mirror frame plus 3/4" so that the side edge of the mirror itself will be somewhat concealed in the shadow of the mirror frame. 

     Step Step2  Determine the Mirror Frame Overall Height dimension, select the appropriate situation:

  1. For mirrors that are immediately above the top of your vanity or backsplash (or from 0" up to 1/2" clearance to the bottom of the mirror) measure from the top of your vanity or backsplash up to the top of your mirror.  If there is no obstruction (e.g., electric outlet, light fixture) within an inch or so of the top of the mirror, add approximately 3/8" and this will become your Mirror Frame overall height dimension.
  2. For mirrors that have some more that 1/2" clearance between the vanity or backsplash and the bottom of the mirror, measure the actual height of the mirror, add 3/4" and this becomes your overall mirror frame height (unless there is an obstruction within 3/4" above the mirror)

     Step 3  Determine Mirror Frame Size by adding up the outside dimensions of your mirror (its perimeter), then divide by 12 to get the linear feet of the frame and then select the appropriate Mirror Size. See the example below:

  1. You've determined that the frame overall outside dimensions are:  42"H + 58"W + 42"H + 58"W  = 200" frame perimeter
  2. 200" frame perimeter divided by 12" per foot = 16.67 Linear Feet    
  3. Select our Mirror Size 'Large' 15.1 to 22 Linear Feet (since your frame will have 16.67 Linear Feet perimeter) 

Need more help?  Fill out a dimension worksheet and/or send us a photograph of your mirror, and the surrounding area.  We'll contact you, normally within 24 business hours.

   Email:  sales@mirrorframe.com            Fax: 205-449-4430            Phone: 866-983-3267

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